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  • Roscoff, Bretagne

Services at the Hotel Le Temps de Vivre

Morlaix’s Bay from the sky

Enjoy your stay to boost your adreanaline by taking of and flying over the Bay of Morlaix.
This offer is available with the room category of your choice.
There are two trails from a minimum of 15 minutes.
Airplane flights are subject to weather conditions.
Book online by calling 02 98 19 33 19

Offer: “Seafood platter”

One night in one room“les Pieds dans l’eau”a seafood platter for two + a bottle of white wine and a breakfast the next morning served in your room.
The price of the service is 360.00€

Deluxe rooms from 302.00€.

Junior Suites from 342.00€.

Please notify us while booking (either phone or e-mail).

Bike Rental

To discover the charm of the area and go to the beach there’s nothing like a bike ride. The hotel rents freely bikes for the day or half day.

Contact us for more information.

Hôtel Roscoff Le Temps de Vivre, Bretagne